Conquering Goals

Waking up late on a Saturday morning is not my preferred way to start weekends. I would honestly prefer waking up early with the entire day ahead of me, but then again, I normally think about sleeping in literally every single day of the week. So sometimes I allow myself to stay in bed a little longer. And this was one of those days…

Melbourne – February 2017


I got out of bed around 10:15 and stayed on the balcony for a few minutes. I had a choice. Either go make coffee and breakfast, have a cigarette and spend some time browsing random youtube videos on TV (my favorite couch potato activity). OR grab my cheap running gear, down a glass of water and get out of the house.

For me this is usually like jumping off a cliff. I just need to take that step. And so i did.

Melbuorne – February 2017

Ran 4.5km in 34 mins and my knee was killing me half way. Not much at all, but enough to keep me starting again.

Melbourne – February 2017

NOTES: All shot on trix pushed at 1600 (this was before my latest commitment). Not the pentax as usual (it was on the sidelines) but the trusty backup minolta m7000.


Film makes a Comeback

Melbourne – February 2017

It’s been a long time since i posted any pictures taken on film here.  There’s a very simple reason behind it actually: my trusty Spotmatic started giving me some bad signs last July, with the mirror not coming back down randomly after shots. I did bring it along with me to Seattle for a couple of rolls, but once it started to produce the same erratic behaviour i definitely put it to rest until i was going to be able to fix it.

Melbourne – February 2017

Plus the fact that i was till down in Grottaglie didn’t help, there was no one i could go to…

Then came the move to Rome, but the new house was a priority. So long story short, i finally found a place here and brought it over to a small shot and got it repaired a little over a month ago.

Melbourne – February 2017

So for this Melbourne trip i was from earlier this year i was really upset… No Pentax, no backup (it was in storage) and just a compact Olympus XA to get me through. Luckily we found a house, got the shipment and took the Minolta M7000 with me for this one. No manual rewind, but better than the XA.

So fast forward to nowadays, late April, i’m back reunited with the Spotmatic and trying to make up for the lost time. Back into developing and scanning (already more than 10 rolls this last month).

So I got more and more on my hands. This is the first decent shot from the rejuvenated Pentax.

Rome – March 2017

So a few of good resolutions:

  1. Less push on Tri-x when it is not needed. It’s not winter, there’s enough daylight and unless i’m on business trips where i only get out at night, i really don’t need to shoot at 1600 all the time. Plus 24 mins of development time is too fucking much… And i honestly like the plain Tri-X at 400.
  2. Get away from Tri-X. This came from shooting Japan Camera Hunter’s film (shots above in Melbourne). I really like how it looks, to the point i want to diversify. Who gives a fuck about continuity on the style. It’s just black and white… So i already shot a couple of HP5s and bought 4 more.
  3. The most difficult and important: use my lunch breaks to walk around and shoot.
  4. Same difficulty as 3. Start running again. Really need it.

Below, is HP5.

Napoli – April 2017


Tel Aviv – All work/no Play

Tel Aviv – March 2017

Between February and March I had a rough 2 weeks straight on business trip. I drove down from home to Frosinone for a couple of days, drove straight down to Foggia to teach a class, came back to Naples on Friday afternoon to say hi to my parents, then drove right back up to Rome late in the Evening. Saturday morning I hopped on a train that took me to the airport where I took a flight that eventually brought me to Israel.

Tel Aviv – March 2017

I got there late in the evening, and the next morning I was already at work. Israel has a different work week, that starts on a Sunday and ends on a Thursday.

Tel Aviv – March 2017

I didn’t really get any time to discover the city. All i was left with were the late evenings, so all my photos were taken around that time and on the drive to and from work. At least i wasn’t driving…

Tel Aviv – March 2017

It’s really different from where i’ve been up to this point. Mostly due to my ignorance, but i had some tension going in. The beefed up security doesn’t help, but after a couple days i eventually got used to it, and can’t wait to get back there this Summer.

Tel Aviv – March 2017

So the pictures are really not that great and all taken with my phone.

Tel Aviv – March 2017

I wasn’t sure whether they should have stayed in color or black and white, BUT i fixed my Pentax a few weeks ago and already got some rolls through, so there’s gonna be tons of film rolling (pun intended) in the blog soon.

Tel Aviv – March 2017

To my surprise i developed 5 rolls, and soon enough 6 more are on the shelf waiting. The house is shaping up nicely and i have my desk and scanner back all working AND the 24 inch monitor (which helps a lot when editing).

Tel Aviv – March 2017

Looking forward to 4 days off work now, so hopefully i’ll get some more down time to write, develop, scan and shop for some developer and film. And who knows… i got my eye on a Mamiya M645…… we’ll see!

Tel Aviv – March 2017

Another 2 week Stint – Frosinone_Foggia

I had very little time to enjoy the house and it was back on the road again, the place where i spent the most of this 2017. And I’m not in either of those places anymore… Writing from Tel Aviv. But that’s another post.

Frosinone – February 2017
Frosinone – February 2017

This time around I did not rent. I felt like driving my own car, and thoroughly enjoyed it, I must say. Even without the speed control, the little-to-no care of driving a rental, the park-where-I-feel-like type of approach, I missed my good old focus and hopefully will get her on the road as soon as I get another chance.

Frosinone – February 2017
Frosinone – February 2017

With that said, it hasn’t been too bad being away from home as I think. The hotels are decent and I get to see cool places. I would like to spend some more time and get to know Rome better. It’ll come…

Foggia – March 2017
Foggia – March 2017

This last hotel in Foggia, i knew what i was getting into. Some kind of Shining deal… but it’s comfortable and peaceful. Maybe a little too much.

Foggia – March 2017

And the restaurant sucks.

Foggia – March 2017

Last morning.. go to work, drive 4 hours home with a pit stop at home to surprise my parents, and off back to Rome with one night stop at home. Next morning, afternoon flight to Tel Aviv.

Foggia – March 2017

Notes: All S7 again. I’m shooting Tri-X@800 with the Olympus XA but I have a huge backlog of film to develop. I sent the rolls of color to the lab and will pick them up next week, so more film to come. For now just cell 😦 i did learn through these posts that the cell phone editor is fine but not phenomenal. Tried one picture with Snapseed and liked it much more, so I will stick to that going forward.


Against all odds, Day Four started on the right foot. Literally. Running 6 and a half km at 6:30 am. Thinking about it now, at 11 pm, seems ages away. Below is the only picture i shot.

Melbourne – February 2017

Had a late start to work (8am, so not really) so i had a chance to get some decent breakfast. Black coffee + cold milk and some fresh fruit. City was already busy.

Melbourne – February 2017

Left this little gift to the cleaning lady. Wish i could have seen her face.

Melbourne – February 2017

After work, the event of the day. Launch of the Leica M10  at Michael’s. Never been to a launch before so it was cool.

Melbourne – February 2017

Ben King was the Leica Photographer to present.

Melbourne – February 2017

Leica Director for Australia. Probably my age… I have failed in life….

Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017

I tried it out and it is remarkable, but i would never get one. 6500 euros body only? C’mon.. The rangefinder looks is really bright though… I’m halfway in between wanting to join the cult and despising all these guys that show up with their billingham bag, their long beards and an M240 around their neck. I think i still want an M6 though… for sure before i have a kid. Hard to justify it after..

Melbourne – February 2017

Took the opportunity of a few drinks and snacks at the launch so i was able to skip dinner and just walk around. Surprisingly i wasn’t sore from the run and still am not. Tomorrow morning i’ll know for sure. I also tried to get tickets for the book of mormon, the Trey Parker and Matt Stone (southpark) musical but to no avail. Will try again in the next few days.

Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017

Walked around some more.

Melbourne – February 2017
Melbourne – February 2017

Then ended up at Bar Americano, and i will be back. Good advice from John, Canadian dude working at Michaels. The bar was good, drinks were good and the bartenders friendly. Also met a cool old Indian dude at the Leica launch, Guruswamy Perumal. I only know the name ’cause he gave me his business card. He takes picture with a Nikon and loves it.

Melbourne – February 2017

Rollei Retro 80s – a Half Ass Ignorant Review

23Rollei Retro_Grottaglie 22-Edit.jpg
Grottaglie – April 2016

“Just when i thought i was out… they pulled me back in.”

…..aaaaaaand there goes another weekend. I was planning a lot of things in my mind like Mother’s day or spending some good time back with Francesca, which i would really need. But nope, this is how it goes.

The shot above was from a warm and sunny april sunday that was all about photography.

Shoot in the morning – Develop in the afternoon- Print in the evening

(Scan actually, but who’s reading anyway…?)

8Rollei Retro_Grottaglie 7-Edit.jpg
Grottaglie – April 2016

The Rollei Retro 80s is a very nice film. I read panchromatic around the interwebs but have no idea what that means, don’t hate me. What i can write about it is that it’s different from anything else i shot up to this point. It loves bright sunny days and walks on the beach… jokes aside that’s where it shines. No pun intend.

1Rollei Retro_Grottaglie.jpg
Grottaglie – April 2016

It’s rich, contrasty and gritty. Not all these images (maybe none) show its true value, but i really appreciated the results.

Also doesn’t really help that these were scanned with the ultra centennial Epson Perfection 1660 and not with the recently acquired V600.


27Rollei Retro_Grottaglie 26.jpg
Grottaglie – April 2016

It kind of gives me the impression it was shot on a cloudy day, but it was actually sunny (and hot) as can be.

19Rollei Retro_Grottaglie 18.jpg
Grottaglie – 2016

I would only develop it in non-reusable developer though. When i dumped it, it was completely stained. I would definitely not risk re-using it. So good thing i didn’t use the D76 yet.

33Rollei Retro_Grottaglie 32.jpg
Grottaglie – April 2016

I tried playing around with the shadows here. Wasted at least three shots… this one i liked best.

14Rollei Retro_Grottaglie 13.jpg
Grottaglie – April 2016

Explored the park, found a coat that time just sitting there. Went back the other day and it’s still in the exact same spot…

36Rollei Retro_Grottaglie 35.jpg
Grottaglie – April 2016

These guys……. hangovers… i right?


Off to a half real weekend. See you on the other side.