Burn em down!!

Munich – June 2016

Too too many rolls of film stored on my shelf. 15 BW, 10 Color, plus 3 loaded in separate cameras. That’s too many for my taste. Lots of good stuff though…. Cinestill 800, Portra 160, bunch of Tri-x 400, Rollei Retro 80 and 100…. I’m good! Stop buying shit goddammit!!!


2015 – Brindisi

5 rolls of Black and White are here on the table and I might develop them in the next few days, we’ll see…

4 rolls of color are already at that shop and I’ll pick them up Thursday. I’ve been travelling the last week and don’t have much to share right now until I develop them.

I’ve been in 3 different countries this past week. Denmark – Germany – Italy

I’ve been looking into purchasing an Olympus XA for the past 3 months. In the last week I purchased 2.

I have good night of sleep ahead of me tonight. I’m very tired and I hope to feel well rested when I wake up.



Munich – June 2016

Been here in Grenaa these last few days and surprised by the amazing quantity of daylight this time of year. I’m about to go to bed (it’s 10:30pm) and outside it looks like it’s 7:00pm. Weird but nice for photography. I think I burned a roll and a half of tri-x pushed at 1600 and a kodak color from the XA. I’m going to leave it at that for the little newcomer. I still need to know if the focus works, and my gut feeling is that it doesn’t. More to come on that. Keeping my fingers crossed.

The picture above came out way better than how it looked live.

The Law of Attraction

Somewhere between Martina Franca and Grottaglie – June 2016

I’m extremely excited but i really can’t talk about it now. And i won’t until i get something official. I’ll start with one change right now… I will commit to capitalizing my “I”s and to be a little more considerate of the grammatical mess that my blog has been up to this point.

I just want to say this though. These last 4 years have been tough, kind of a purgatory is how I’ve always seen it. Hopefully the next step is around the corner. I don’t want to be too optimistic because I know where it’s led me in the past… But it doesn’t hurt to have good thoughts.

Not Much

Munich – June 2016

Not much came out of this Munich trip. Some more doubts in general… a good m42 lens, and probably some good pictures. I’ve just developed a single roll so really don’t know that either.

Overexposing Film

Naples – May 2016

This is one good example of how overexposing film works and how many stops you can actually cover. I’ve been reading around of how flexible film is, so i’ve recently started to lay on the high side of the light meter. In this case the camera was metered for the ground but i saw the wrapped sign which was kind of interesting. Without changing setting i aimed up and took the shot. I knew it was not going to be good once developed but i figured i’d use the opportunity to test what i was reading. Here’s how it was right after i scanned it.

As scanned

I’m sure i could of post processed it a little better, but i think this shows a little bit of the benefit of overexposing. When less light comes in, the chemicals on the film don’t react, so there’s basically no information to recuperate when you underexpose. More light coming on the film enables the reaction even more. While excessively overexposing can get to the point where it’s detrimental and there is actual loss of information, you’re still going to be able to get more info than from a film in which the chemicals have not reacted at all.

Nailed the Sunday

Naples – May 2016

Not the best but definitely not the worst. I woke up unexpectedly early at 7:00am and figured i’d slowly start the my day with a good breakfast and a long shower. No running today, considering i went yesterday and plan to go tomorrow. Last night before going to bed i discovered the antique market it was not in Taranto, but rather on my street. Go figure…. Anyways, that was not all good news as there’s always the same shit over here. Confirmed, breezed through it while getting to the car and headed for the Exhibition in Taranto. Which was small but pretty cool (here’s the link to the festival).

Been working tonight on a few pictures from the same day the picture above was taken. Getting steady on the look i want and trying to apply it to all. It was shot on Rollei Retro 400S. Nice film, pretty clean and contrasty with low grain. I’m not sure i’ll continue to use it for long though, as i have to run it in the tank for 15 mins, which is kind of a drag. In summer it’s really hard to keep the temperature at 20C. Plus i don’t know how long it’s gonna stay around. Although it is quite cheap…. 4 euros i think i paid for it. Now that i think about it maybe i will invest more money in it… Maybe it’s going to be my winter film.