Frosinone – January 2017

Back on the road again after a while. I needed it really… It’s a good break from my new apartment with no hot water or electricity. 1 of 2 weeks not even halfway done, but looking forward to get back to Rome. Feeling pretty excited about this new year. Literally can’t wait to get my new life going. Also a little melancholic at times, maybe due to a Smashing Pumpkins revival here in this tempering weather. Billy Corgan is doing a 30days project along middle america, and I kinda feel in tune. I was actually planning to go for a photowalk one of these nights. If I do, pictures are coming straight after. Frosinone has some pretty interesting views and the weather helps.

Things are actually pretty good, despite the sad pic and title.

I’ll have a smoke in the freezing cold now.

And then just straight to bed.

Good times are coming.


Note: Samsung S7, straight out of camera. No editing necessary. I kinda dig this phone.

Closing out well this year

Naples – Dec.31st 2016

Change was the main theme for this second half of this year.  It started back in June when the decision to make the move started to make its way around.  

I had hard time realizing it was going to happen until late august and the actual arrangements didn’t start until September, which was when the date was fixed. The closing months were all kinds of crazy with the new house, but luckily we closed the deal and got that waiting for us on the 2nd.

All things related to this took over my whole life, whether social, hobby, free time and family. And it shows if I look at the amount of blog posts as of late. 

For this reason last night I went to bed wanting to make a little change to at least set things up for a different start. 

Woke up at 8, skipped the holiday video game session and went for a run.  Knees killing me half way through but made it back home only to shower and get back out here to the Gaiola. No words, just a beautiful choice closing out the year art the beach.  

Notes: Picture taken a few minutes ago with the phone, edited with snapseed. 

Happy new year!!

I’m here

Yep. I’m still around. I’m just as busy as can be and my head can only accommodate so much.  

Moved to Rome.  yeah that was the big thing I was alluding to…  but I just haven’t had the mental energy to sit down and write about it.   house hunting is literally driving me mad . I probably picked up my camera twice the past three months.  not cool.

I’ll be back here when I’m settled.  then this is going to move into some 2.0 shit.

Shot from the subway today with the new company s7 phone.  nice solid phone. back from another shitty house search.

Back to the Mothership (BW August Seattle)

Good day today. After getting my stitches removed last night,  I finally got the chance to have a normal day. Met up with a friend and went to Ferdinando Scianna‘s conference at Villa Pignatelli, here in Naples.

Seattle – August 2016


Seattle – August 2016


Seattle – August 2016

It was a solid two hours of stories, anecdotes, behind the scenes, growing up in the south, teaming up with Sciascia and so on. Got a chance to see a lot of pictures that I had never seen from him and that were of course on par with the most famous shots he’s known for.

Seattle – August 2016


Seattle – August 2016


Seattle – August 2016

As for these pictures here, they are from a few days back in August for my weekly trip back to the mothership in Seattle. Didn’t really shoot that much there after all, and once i got the news that the Camera was ready for an overhaul, I stopped shooting with it and reverted to the XA and switched to color. So if my calculations are correct, next post will be color.

Seattle – August 2016


Seattle – August 2016

Notes: All from the same roll and shot with the Spotmatic SPF and the Super Takumar 28/3.5. Tri-X 400@1600. This camera really needs to be taken apart and and get some work done. I can start to see that for the faster shots (1/500 and 1/1000) there’s at least 4 different exposures in the same shot. We’ll see.. of course I’m still using it.

Business trips are bad for your health

Melbourne – July 2016

As part of making up for the time lost on this blog, here’s a little something from back in July. I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Melbourne for work, and I couldn’t pass on the photographic opportunities.

Melbourne – July 2017

Unfortunately it was July, winter over there, so low temperatures and short days. This didn’t stop me from pushing my tri-x to 1600 and shooting away.

Melbourne – July 2016

I didn’t come away with much, just a little more than 3 rolls of Black and White, three more of color, and a very special (my first) Ektachrome I shot in one breath on the Great Ocean Road. But I’ll save that one for another blog post. Oh yeah, and some digital that I’m not even considering.

Melbourne – July 2016
Melbourne – July 2016
Melbourne – July 2016

I feel a little out of place mentioning anything related to digital in this all film post, but I can’t express how much removed I feel from the shots taken with the x100s while I was there. I think it’s mostly because I consider them simply too much work. I’m getting as lazy as ever lately. The work here is all manual (develop/scan) and I’m also not good at all at manipulating pictures, that I really started to dislike post-production aspects. But film, whatever comes out, I just like to accept it for what it is. I may bump the shadows a little bit (just shot #5 on this post), but that’s the most manipulation you’ll see. And that’s just another reason why I love film so much.

Melbourne – 2016
Melbourne – July 2016
Melbourne – July 2016

Always ending my evenings there with a beer. Oh, and this trip is where I ended my really good diet run. This and the trip that followed to Seattle.

Melbourne – July 2016

After I fully recover from this surgery I plan to get back on the health train again. But for now, I just ate another piece of chocolate and going to close it off with a smoke before going to bed.

NOTES: Once again, Tri-X 400 pushed to 1600. These shots are all from the same roll shot with my faithful Spotmatic SPF with the lovely Pentacon 28mm 3.5. I developed these with about 3 month delay just last week. It will also very likely be the last batch I’ll develop for the rest of the year. Between packing, temporary living, house hunting and all, I’m pretty sure i won’t be able to do much in the next few months. But then again, I built a pretty sizeable backlog. 

September weekend in Melendugno

Melendugno – September 2016

It’s been a rough few days. I’m stuck at home 3 days after surgery, barely moving around around the house.  Aside from western medicine i’m curing myself with Netflix and Youtube (to include endless Fail/Win compilations, first person action videos, photography documentaries and the occasional Vlogs – guess i’m making up for not being able to go outside..).


Melendugno – September 2016

Then I remembered that I actually did have a life before being in my PJs for almost a week, so I figured this would be a good time to sort out my archive.

Melendugno – September 2016


Melendugno – September 2016

Well, the funny thing is my physical inability to move almost resembles how I treated this Blog in the past months. Even though I have not stopped shooting (almost entirely film) , this venue really didn’t see much of it, which is the opposite of why I created it in the first place. It was supposed to be a way to track progress, and give me random memories years from now of the places I’ve been, people I met and things I experienced.

Torre Sant’Andrea – September 2016

But there’s still time to make up for it. The shots have been taken, the rolls have been developed (late) but scanned. ALL. And so this makes up for quite a lot of backlog I have ready to upload and talk about.

This is the unfortunate (or best?) thing about film. There’s no real-time. Everything happened already, mostly some time ago, but it’s never too late to bring it up to surface. I’ve been pretty much half way around the world in these last three months (which is also the reason why I didn’t get to do any real vacation), but by looking  here, I wouldn’t be able to know it.

Torre Sant’Andrea – September 2016


Torre Sant’Andrea – September 2016


Torre Sant’Andrea – September 2016


Torre Sant’Andrea – September 2016


Torre Sant’Andrea – September 2016


Torre Sant’Andrea – September 2016


Torre Sant’Andrea – September 2016

NOTES: These were all processed and scanned by the Photo Lab in Grottaglie. Unfortunately I did not have the time to scan them myself. Luckily the lab didn’t damage or scratch them this time around. I think this is Kodak color plus 200 , but it could be Portra. I’d have to go back and check the negative. Shot with the Olympus XA.